Do allergies emulate the flu

do allergies emulate the flu

Print this issue. Is it a cold, flu, or allergies? It can allerges hard to tell them apart because they share so many symptoms. But understanding the differences will help you choose the best treatment. Teresa Hauguel, an expert on infectious diseases that affect breathing. Cold, flu, fo allergy all affect your respiratory system The body parts that help you breathe, including your nose, throat, and lungs. Each condition has key symptoms that set them apart.
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    Related Stories. Back to Top. Get plenty of rest. Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of fluids.

    Allergy Dos and Allergy Don'ts | Everyday Health

    Aspirin ages 18 and upacetaminophen, or ibuprofen for aches and pains. Aspirin ages 18 and upacetaminophen, or ibuprofen for aches, pains, and fever Antiviral medicines see your doctor. Get the flu vaccine each year. Wash your hands often.

    Cold, Flu, or Allergy? | NIH News in Health

    Side effects don't usually preclude you from getting a flu vaccine in the future while a true allergic reaction does. Read on to learn how to emulatr between the two.

    Of course, the injection can be slightly painful, but other common side effects include:. Additionally, while FluMistor the nasal spray flu vaccine, was not available in the U. True allergic reactions to flu vaccines—or any vaccines—are extremely rare.

    However, it's important to know the difference between a real allergic reaction and a side effect. Since allergic reactions do happen occasionally, it's still important to know what to watch for.

    A small rash at the injection site is not considered a severe allergic reaction. Soreness at the injection site or in the muscle where the vaccine was injected is normal and should resolve within a day or two.

    What do I have? Cold, flu or seasonal allergies? - Vital Record

    Even if you don't have a true allergy to an ingredient in the flu vaccine, you may experience a reaction that is serious enough to warrant avoiding the vaccine in the future. It is very rare and occurs more often after a respiratory or gastrointestinal illness than it does after a vaccination. GBS typically begins with weakness or tingling in the feet or legs.

    Weakness and paralysis often extend up the body. In allervies cases, it may interfere with breathing or other organ functioning. A vast majority of people with GBS fully recover, but some may experience permanent weakness and it is occasionally fatal.

    do allergies emulate the flu

    There was a slight increase in the number of cases of GBS among people who received a pandemic flu vaccine in the late s. However, no definitive link has been established for any other flu vaccines since that time. The allsrgies of GBS among vaccinated people and unvaccinated people today is equal.

    Jan 18,  · A runny or stuffy nose can be a symptom of the flu, a cold or allergies, and it can be hard to discern which one you have. So how do you know what’s really going on with your nose? “More than likely the problem is probably being caused by a virus, especially if there is a defined start date of. Apr 14,  · People may call some allergies 'hay fever,' but do allergies cause cold and flu symptoms? Allergies can cause symptoms that are very similar to a cold or flu, such as a . Oct 28,  · “Both the flu and cold can lead to further problems like pneumonia, bronchitis or sinusitis,” Weston said. “The flu is more likely to do so, but it’s best to treat the symptoms and stay well rested to lessen the chances of further problems.” Seasonal Allergies. Another common explanation for itchy or runny eyes or nose is seasonal.

    There are also some concerns about people with severe allergkes allergies having flu shots. Most flu vaccines are grown in eggs contain a small amount of egg protein. In the past, it was recommended that people with an egg allergy avoid them.

    Are You Having an Allergic Reaction to the Flu Vaccine?

    However, because research has shown that severe allergic reactions are unlikely whether or not you have an egg allergy, recommendations from the CDC now state that emulats everyone with an egg allergy can be vaccinated against the flu. If you think you are having a severe allergic reaction to a flu vaccine, seek medical attention immediately.

    Additionally, if you're experiencing any unexpected pain or effects after receiving the vaccine that you believe may be an emergency, you should contact your provider. Either you or your doctor can report a concern about a reaction to a flu vaccine through this system.

    Allergy Dos and Don'ts: Take a Sick Day?

    Finally, if you or your doctor believes your symptoms could have been caused by the flu vaccine, you can file a claim with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Programwhich is a a no-fault alternative to traditional legal proceedings for resolving vaccine injury petitions.

    Even if a finding isn't made, you may emulate eligible to receive financial compensation through a settlement. True allergic reactions to flu vaccines are extremely rare, the this potential risk should not deter you from getting the allergies. However, we hte this information so you flu what emullate watch for and are able to act accordingly.

    If you have questions or concerns about your own symptoms after a vaccine of any kind, please contact your provider to determine the proper course of action. Looking to avoid getting the flu? Our free rmulate has everything you need to stay healthy this season.

    do allergies emulate the flu

    Sign up and get yours today. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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