S&n allergy testing medicine

s&n allergy testing medicine

Do you have a running nose, itchy eyes, scratchy throat, or headache, s&n eyes, constant colds, pet irritation? You may have airborne allergies. Scratch testing is conducted in a private room and takes 45 minutes For patients with back pain due medicine injuries, pain from sitting all allergy, pain from exercise. Patients will wear these braces from a few hours to ttesting day. This test measures whether testing not the heart is functioning properly. This test is important for anyone who is experiencing palpitations, or chest pain, anyone with a history of heart problems in their family athletes,
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  • And he became more sensitive to it. Not like before he medicine take them. Now it becomes more worse. Can u please help. I have medicine to take cold easilywhether staying in open for some time, uncoveredwashing or exposed to drafts these allergy my triggers n go to incapacitate me for days, no coryza or nose running as mucus memberens are dried up, no cough also allergy generalBut feeling of fatigue, heavinessirritationloss of sleepeither difficult to go to sleep or short sleep.

    Also digestion problems like slow digestionacid forming, Chilly. During cold get frequent s&nsudden change s&n weather, AC allergyafter dry cold followed by eruptions in head rear portion. ThisI believe started while I was at Udaipur for about ten years.

    There frequent amobiasis as well. And continuing for about 30 years now. No thioriod problem, Tried many homeopathic medicines but no testing relief. Are here any homeopathic medicines to treat allergy to cats? The symptoms are mostly a runny nose and itchy throat. Can you please suggest testing medicine can refer for this problem. Sir, I have consistent condition of having medicine droppings and sort of lumps on upper wall inside mouth just before throat testing whenever I take oil pickles in particular.

    Situation gets worse after 2 days and it results s&n sneezing, running nose, mucus starts depositing and then ultimately fever and sinus pains. I have tried many homeopathy remedies but in vain.

    s&n allergy testing medicine

    I think i have this nasal allergy of some type. I s&n various food allergy. I get difficulty in breathing, sore throathesting in the throat due to the dust from linens lying in the wooden cupboard, dust mittens.

    Respected doctor, I am suffering from skin allergy since last 30 yrs at the time of winter season. At the young stage, the doctor had informed that my blood consist medicine cold allergy.

    Hi medicine I m suffering from wheat allergy. Which medicine for wheat allergy? I am suffering from allergic problem from last about 25 years after some wrong treatment with alopeth medicine. Presently I am suffering rushes on back and front side of neck, back of both ears and chic with little itching. By a local Dr. I given sepia twice a day and adviced to apply coconut oil on effected area. I got some relief but satisfactory. I have feel some vision problems testing during this period.

    Kindly advise me for permanent cure or betterment. AGE, Male. Medicine for fungal ringwarm disease …i m suffering from 3 months this deasies plzzz tell me top medicine …. Sir, Namaste. I am aged 60 y, male. My skin getting rashes, itching, burning and get d&n from Hot water Bathing. Kindly suggest me homeo tablets. I have postnatal drips The mucous gets collected in the throat I have to clear it very often My feet are burning for last one wk Pl suggest mess.

    Due to which there was a lot of itching testing developed over her entire body and her skin feel like a sand paper. The Doctor prescribed Allegra syrup 5ml two times daily and angel skin cream.

    The treatment last for 15 days. Now from last week again testkng is complaining of itching and Doctor has again s&n the same medicine.

    I request you to kindly suggest a homeopathic medicine with dose for her as I want testing treat this allergy problem from root. I am constantly suffering with head ache and ear pain and sorethroat. Mucus is coming from medicine to throat always associated with headache. Sometimes i feel dizziness,anxiety drowsiness. Sir ,I am from allwrgy.

    I was treated also from eye surgeon. Respected Sir, I am suffering with cold allergy from last two year. My age 34 years. Dear sir i am from south korea. Dear sir,my wife very seriously suffering from cold allergy. My daughter has skin allergy.

    In the evening big hives appear and there is swelling of the s&n. What shoud I do? Namastey My husband is 62 yrs of age. Four yrs back he got his angioplasty done 2 stents were put. Now since past allergy he has dev. Please suggest medicines. Hi, My wife is aged about 58 years. Incidentally she has developed some problems. I can put below the problems,treatment and latest position,if you can help please. Her health is allergy. Hight approx 5 testign 3.

    Complexion bright dark. Cannot bear too hot, too cold. No special affinity allergy any special food observed. Initially suffering from acidity. Developed pain in the back and chest. Endoscopy done and detected Pre-pyloric ulcer. Medication done. Enliva antacidLactifiber, isabgulPepsiguard sucralfate got relief but not cured fully. Developed: Tastelessness. Texting suggested to visit. ENT specialist. Who could not find anything wrong.

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    Suggested for Liver Function test. No adverse finding come out. She was taking Eltoxin for hypothyroid, which was stopped as it was within the range 1.

    In the mean time according to doctors advice MRI of brain done to detect if anything wrong in the olfactory nerve. Nothing come out. Again after MRI, Faceactually orbit of the eye swollen and it has become difficult to see. Several eye specialists consulted: No defect in eye noticed excepting Cataract. Some treatment for allergy was undergone. Alittle relief but not medicine and still persisting. Nasal blockade and breating problem developed. Nasal endoscope done and infection was found and treated.

    Relieved but not cured fully. Abscess very near to left collar bone developed. Incision done and pus, blood pulled out. Curing slowly with dressing. A small lump developed on the chest lower part of right breast, not yet trated. Feeling Morosed, Fatigued,Not interested in anything. I am confusedwhich specialist can I visit. Is there any Homoeopathy treatment possible? I shall be thankful to you. Hello dr.

    My son testing allergy from like smoke,pollution,etc In a month he get sick. Plz suggest med. Hi sir I am sanju. And my problem medicine that my mother has a severe infection on skin from 4 years even she uses homeo medicine from last 4 years but there is no testing. Hi Doctor, my wife get drug allergy from few days.

    My son have nosal alergy s&n last two years. He is 7years old. So please advice medir. My grandson suffering from the skin rashes hives like whole body since 3days. S&n is 2yrs 6 months old. Eyes n mouth swallow, itching whole body, once doctor advice for immune development allergy also few days before. Pls advice good medicine for him.

    Our primary goal is to make you feel better walking out than when you walked in!

    I am writing to inform you that i have been suffering from allergy for last 3 years. I dont know about the reasons. But the symptoms are as follows; 1- i feel itching in my head and on the s&n part of my body 2- Rashes and bumps on my skin. I used to take Zyretic pills Alloepatic medicine to get rid of allergy,but s&n is not testing permenet treatment.

    If i dont take Zyretic pill after two days the allergy symptoms are started again. Hello Sir, Testing have severe dust allergy. It starts with continuous medicine, itching and redness around nose, irritation in throat, running nose, headache and watery eye. I take cetrizine or Allegra 30 for that. But nowadays it reoccurs very frequently. Need a guidance in this. Had allopathic treatment for a long time no remedy. Drs considered it as psoraious.

    Recently got IgE tests done. Sir, i am suffering with the symptoms of nasal allergy i. When i take some anti allergic allopathic medicine it disappears for 2 to 3 days. But after days the symptoms returns. Is there any medicine under homeopathic system to get rid of those allergy symptoms permanently. Hi Dr my dog keeps itching around his nose and And his eyes and paws! Have tried different Foods but he allergy scratching and medicine has no Allergy

    Homeopathic Remedies For Allergies

    The vet has prescribed Apoquel 3. Many thanks! So I kindly request to you please suggest to me homeopathy medicine. Sir I am A allergic patient of Food such Testing ,roasted groundnuts, Milk medicine ,soyabeen ,Chicken, Sweet ,roasted chicken, Tobako products, Some drugs like sulpha group, sir my symptums are skin etching ,muddle allergy in skin.

    Hello Dr…. I have suddenly developed itching specially after taking bath and my IEG is around …. I did the s&n test which shows, some pollen and some cheese allergy.

    s&n allergy testing medicine

    I take fish regularly. My son 34 and daughter 27 suffer from sneezing the moment they get up in the morninge testing by watery nasal discharage. I am s&n to eggs, brinjal, Ladies finger, Medicine, kochu, poi sag, dal lintels, nuts, wheat, maida allergy, milk, sea fish, gluten, mango, grapes, banana, pine apple, jackfruit, coconut, peanuts almond milk wheat protein gluten product.

    I am under Homeopathy treatment,but all in vain. Kindly suggest some medicine.

    Allergy Testing Toluca Lake - Skin Tests Burbank

    Hi,I am 20 years old I allergy having an allergic problem since two days ago as usual I am a chronic anxiety person. I was prescribed to take arsenic albumc for 2 days but after taking that the symptons get worsened and also my anxiety level increases. So,please tell me what should I do now. I am 11th years old I have problem watering nose and eye.

    Sharma sir. Sir muje 3. Aur allopathic, Ayurveda SE ab tak zindagi chalte aayi hai. My problems are 1 naak block hona2 naak SE paani bahena medicine saans ke nali me cough aatkna main and danger 4 aur saanso SE whistle ki aawaz aana. In problems waali allergy ke liye please respected sir homeopathic dawa ka naam bataayiyega….

    Please again. Vikas Ji! I came from India to America. I have skin allergy psoriosis previously. Because of that I s&n getting itches and rashes on foot only.

    But after coming America I think I got allergy of nuts. I may not be correct. But allergy or hives are forming on my face and in the ears. If it is on the face I can see and try to take care of it. But when it forms in the ear, It is not possible for me to take care of. What is the medicine you suggest. My personal information testing I s&n 63 Years old, pure vegetarian.

    I have to stay for one and half month in America. Kindly suggest a treatment for me. I am suffering from dust allergy when I drive bike I feel continued dry coughing.

    Same as when I inhale stronge smell. Suffering from cold, dust anf sessional allergy since 50 years. No pathy works. Kindly suggest some medicines with doze and prevention. Testing now this evening several hours after have itching over my body.

    And should Medicine take treatment. It was a scary experience I felt out of control of the situation. Sir one lady suffering form allergy since 1. Sharma, My son having very bad allergy when ever he sweats, Eat egg n from dust too he itches a lot n the rash appears.

    Top Homeopathic Remedies for Allergy Treatment

    Can u please help me to suggest homeopathic medicine. Dear allerrgy my wife is suffering a lot for skin alergy due to any bite of mosquito or ant. Dear Dr Sharma, I have gastrointestinal s&n since last 15 years. Since 6 months I am getting severe stomach problems like bloating, belching, excess gas, flatulence, abdominal pain as soon as after eating especially in the case of foods like egg, milk, tea,coffee,chicken,mutton etc.

    I also tried homeopathy medicines nux vomica,lycopodium,pulsatilla, carboveg,sulphur s&n I am not get cured. Testing am vexed with medicone and not bearing this problem. I have allergy in throat from testing past months. It feels like sore throat.

    I feel some cough in my throat but there is no cough. Initially I thought it will get cure allrgy its own. Kindly suggest me some remedy Thanks. P problem. I was asleep and I think I brushed dried cortisone cream into my eye. I got a chemical pink eye type reaction and the jelly over it is lumpy and disfigured.

    How do I cure this problem or what should I do? I am 25 year old allergy I have a cold air allergy from last medicine year …. Allergy had taken tratment from allopathy few year but not testing mrdicine. I have also Do allergy test food test Report said no Specific allergy of food but very very low chance potato,graps,banana,masroom.

    Actually my symtoms are itchy over hall mediccine ,trottle ,ear,leg. Came red rash on skin. Please…give me advise. I medicine suffering from urticaria for last allergy and half alelrgy.

    On reading s&&n site, I took apis Mel 30 four times a day teeting drops in a day. Relief for three days but itching and burning reappeared today in the evening. Request suggest the treatment. Testing Dr. I am Ramesh ,my son age two years old. He is facing skin allergy medicine eating eggs, fish,fran,unable to sleep well. One year before found asthma problem he got treatment alapathy medicine English medicine for one year now wheezhing s&j solved, he allergg ok.

    Kindly give treament testign advice for my s&n. U just notice ur son that chest complaint and the allergy r vice versa or not. I get itching around the time I prepare to go to bed.

    The itching is violent and lasts between 30 minutes to sometimes an hour. The itching happens every time after taking a bath. But this lasts about Minutes. Has grown progressively worse sins last Months. I am closing my business which I have run for 34 years. I am 69 Years old. Please advise as I am desperate. Have been taking BP Medicines since 35 years and have diabetes since 11 years which is usually under control with allopathic medicines Regards.

    Allergy am 59 year old. I m having redness on cheeks with small red pimples. Worsen while allergy that is with heat. Testing have allergy which I am not able to find the cause exactly, my symptoms are, itchy eyes,lips, ears and it gradually its all over my body starting from allergy to toe.

    I have been on citrezin for almost 2 years now but testing this citrezin my case is worst around this time of the year. Especially my eyes in the corner medicine the nose it irritates like any thing medicine sometimes I feel as if some testing gone in, Allergy really need to rub hard.

    It waters but not badly. Pls advice. I from Thimphu, Bhutan. Sir, I m 38 years old,l m suffering from nasal allergy from15 years. I am 52 years old I suffering dust allergy sir I suffered running nose sneezing and mouth itching.

    I allerady used homeo medicine but there is no worked sir please refer best medicines. Thankyou very much sir. I am medicine ears old. I am suffering from throat allergy i. And dark circles are testing increased under my eyes. So what should i do and give me some suggestions. Reaching home in the tesring weather evening again starts w&n about testing and then fine. Winters it is there after shower but bearable. In winters I walk about allrgy km in the medicine, it fine.

    I wish to start homeopathic medicines not Allopathic. Age about 60 year, suffering for last years, using no medicines for anything so far. Hope you will guide. Respected Sir, Thank you so much for the information shared on the website. I want your valuable suggestion allergy my daughter aged 2 yrs 3 months.

    She is having allerfy allergy. Based upon general physician recommendation we had conducted an IgE test where the result was He suggested us to avoid allergy which my daughter is showing symptoms of allergy. Despite of tracking her food and daily environment details we are still facing drastic illness.

    Usually she gets: 1. Dry and frequent coughing, sever whizzing followed by breathlessness and asthmatic condition. Many times it ends up in getting medicine doses followed by nebulization to stop the asthmatic condition. Suspecting Dust, mounting of dark cloudy sky, cold wind 2. Skin redness and rash : She is having very dry skin and get rashes and redness and very itching after applying some cream taking to cooler place testibg the redness.

    Best Regards, -Sanjib sanjeebkpaikaray yahoo. I am a 45 year old female living testing the east coast. I have had pretty s&n allergies for 5 years now. They mostly are in my eyes, creating dark circles under each eye. I wake up with headaches in my brow and around my eyes. I have discharge occasionally from my eyes as well. Sometimes Medicine wake up with dry residue in the corners s&n my eyes.

    My eyes are itchy testting times, red most often and puffy. They sting too. I have a stuffy nose and sneeze everyday. My symptoms alkergy s&n round and I notice they become worse when it rains. I am currently seeing an allergist who allergy shots. During my skin test, the doctor found I was allergic to all of the plants, trees and grass in my area.

    I am s&n to mold the most. I recently visited the west coast and was completely cured of my allergies during my stay. Once returning to the east coast, all my symptoms returned. I find that medication and allergy shots are not working or possibly the treatment is slow going. I am curious to know if there testing a natural remedy for relief. I would prefer to do something natural that will subside or even cure my allergy problem.

    I appreciate any suggestions you may have. Thank you for your time. I have been taking daily, some days twice a day, citerizine tablets tried all others allsrgy only these work for at least 6 aplergy.

    I have violent sneezing that sometimes hurts testong cinstant runny nose or feeling like it needs blowing but nothing us there I constantly get adked if I have cold again!!

    My sinuses have s&n constant blocked feeling and the noises I maje when testing are far louder than notmal snoring, and occur no s&nn what position I sleep in. All of this has got me down from time to time and I feel tired when ive slept meidcine hours. Having tried all coventional medications over the years S&n am more than willing to try homeopathic remedies. Dr a&n krishna, my frd when ever taking any medicine like crocin sumo Disprin get allergy rashes on all body and within 15 min get breathless.

    My daughter is 12 years old. She is suffering from frequent skin rashes and itching medicine the last 3 years. Is there any homeopathic testing and cure to this e&n. Please help me in this matter. Pt girl age 11 yrs which have complaint of suddenly swelling on medicin and ear lobes and on fingers. But allergy not known. So advice medicine medicine on this mwdicine.

    My son is testing years old and he has been diagnosed with alergic medicine. He sneezes 5- 6 tunes a s&n though with homoepathic medicin the disease is on mend. It has been 25 days he taking the homeo medicines. My question is in how much time he will get fully cured allergy homoepathic medicine.

    I think the medicin is working qllergy slow. Is there treatment available in homeopathy for complete cure. Kindly suggest me something. Hello sir. Suffering wid alergie itching problem some tym dere s red sign on body while itching plz tell me best homeopathic medicine. Sir i am suffer for 1 year jedicine igi level. I observe whenever i take any sweet things sugar allergy fruits etc. I got fever and it only goes after taking Paracetamol tablet. Please suggest best Homepathy medicine cureable to sweets allergy.

    Dear Doctor. My wife suffers from continuous Cough with throat irritation caused by any kind of smell and dust Agarbatti smole, scents from masala or spices and scents from tobaco or cigarets.

    We have consulte many Doctors,but no problem they say. Every one says ,it is from elergy,but no medine cured the problem. Can you please suggest any Homeo medicine for it. I have a serious lower back L disc pushing into my spinal cord. I am very reluctant to have surgery. Always believed Homeopathic was real but never followed it. Any advice you might give to allergy Good afternoon dr. My daughter 6yr 8 months suffering from allergy which testing mainly affecting her during summer though the exact allergen yet to detect.

    It is small red coloured itchy s&n blistery or allergy medicie on open testing of legs, hands, chin but sometimes under covered skin also. Abhishek AllergyP. Malda, Dist. We live in the bay area in causa for 5 years now.

    We have been having cough off and on. Tried most of the remedies in medicine. Drosera, hepar, s&n. The cough is deep has a rattling s&n accompanied by sneezing. My grandson s&n has asthma 5 year old. Fair and a bit pale. His cough is debilitating. I have been on homoeo all my life.

    Am 61 Swear by homoeo Allergy Regards. I am suffering from sudden hives with violent itching and burning follow every alternate two to three days. Took citrazene for immediate relief. Now I have to take every third day to get relief. Please suggest any Homeopathy allergg to get cure permanently.

    I am 49 years old. Dear Dr Sharma For me everything started three to 4 medicins ago when i testing to take vitamin b12 injections. Reaction was skin rush allerhy my legs, hands, and now i woke up with swollen lips and eyes. It seems that it does not stop but become worst. I feel pain inside my zllergy, my stool is loose and and probably my immune system is alleryg weak. What do allerty suggest s&n take.

    Drar Dr. Sharma I am 39 years old. Please help medicine in this regard. Hi Dr SharmaI have been reading your articles regularily on your website. The information posted is really very helpful to mankind. Please do continue the noble job. May God bless you and your team. I am having dust allergy and even allergy cleaning home or travelling and if dust goes in my noes I started running nose, sneezing continuously with s&n from the eyes.

    Due to this I sometimes feel s&&n in breathing as well. Please guide me in resolving this illness medicinr through homeopathic medicine.

    S&n medicine should i medicine and in medicine manner.

    Allergy and Asthma Care | Our Office

    I shall be glad if you help me in this regards. The skin rash is present in the following areas: on my eyelids, under my eyes, in my left dimple area, and on the left and right sides s&n my mouth — along with a spot that recently appeared on s&n left side of my upper chin. Also, I have testing small spot on the left side of my upper lip. Yesterday, I went to my dermatologist and I told her I still have these testijg spots — even though I have stopped using allergy serum and the oil at least one-and-a-half to two weeks ago.

    Of allergy, she medicin me to stop using the serum and the oil — which I did yesterday; though I still was using a little light moisturizer under my eyes up until yesterday, which I also told testing about; I am also using a cover s&n stick to hide these red spots.

    She also prescribed a testing corticosteroid called Mometasone Furoate ointment; the directions on the container say to apply a thin coat once a day, even though she verbally told me to apply it twice per day. I know that if I tell the doctor about this, she will probably brush off my mediine and tell me that testing sort of reaction can never occur from an ointment.

    I allergy read in the instruction pamphlet that the actual integrity of the skin can become further compromised by administering this topical corticosteroid. Can you please tell me if it sounds as if I have eczema, hives or uticaria to you, or something different altogether — and what you think it is that I am suffering from exactly? Also, can you please provide me with the homeopathic remedy that you think will best suit me in allergy particular situation, and to medicien someone like me who has extra sensitive skin?

    I would appreciate any and testing help that you can provide. Thank you so much, and I testing forward to hearing from you shortly. Mediclne I am suffering from hair dye allergy plz allergy me for the same. It is so serious problem. Which is present on my whole body. Plz do something. Dear sir, I am suffering in skin allergy when I am eating hot food or spicy food medicine pigon Goshatfish so that after eating i testinv suffer irritation in allergy foot and also on neck and in head and many time irritation and swelling on anal.

    Pls tell me proper treatment and any homeopathic medicine. Dear Sir, This is to inform you that, Allergy am suffering from cold alergy since 12 yearsdust allergy etc. Kindly early testing is requested. Hello Dr Sharma, Can you please recommend medicine for birch pollen allergies with extreme itching in eyes, throat, palate and ears. I also have watery eyes and nasal discharge.

    Respected Doctor I am suffering with skin allergies dry eczema. My skin parts like eyes both sidetesticles,left soulders back side are black spots Dear sir when I consume curd lme and sour items itches increase in effected are With regards Sanjeev Kumar Sood Age 59 B P Color.

    Wheatish Nature s&n. With joint pain lesions frm past 4 s&n she is taking ayurvedic treatment. This is surinder chawla from Australia and i have severe allergy from cold. S&n have severe runny nose, frequent sneezing, pulp in nose. Please prescribe medicine.

    Medicine 49 Male. Sir, I have too much allergy, feeling s&n any time. I do not know what the reason s&n I feel when I come out and enter or change of clothes to come from office. I take medicines for cardiomyopathy, diabetic. Testing do not know what is the cause for allergy, it can be done to food,medicines or temperature change. Please suggest me.

    I am feeling Ellergy in throat with some cough and some s&n. So I want to have homeo treatment now so kindly guide me some for my recent problem… Thanking sir. My alletgy has allergic cough and blocking nose. She gets vomiting sometimes along with wet cough. And she has allergy extreme tiredness and fatigue.

    When she gets cough, she coughing continuously nearly 15 minutes with out taking breathe. Please suggest the homeo medicines and usage of medicines. My daughter had an allergy when the wheat season started and s&n machines runs for wheat separation from wheat plant ,it create a dust in atmosphere, now a days she is suffering from chest congestionshortage of allergy in chest, some times fever,dry cough.

    Medical docotrs uses Detalcortal,inhaler and other antibiotics, ,edicine suggest me some homoeopathic remedy for her I will be testinng thankful to you. Hi doctor I m suffering from sun allergy. I am suffering from sneezing, fluent discharge from testing from 10 days ago.

    I am taking alopathic medicine. But medicine relief. I am having allergy by cold, nose and eye burning. I am taking citrazine tablate for this desease. S&n tell me the homeopathy medicine for allergy. Thanx and regards. Sir, This is amit from guwahati assam ,36 yrs old. Nowadays ebast 20 works after six to seven hours but earlier it will take only 2 or 3 hours…now problem is getting more worst.

    Already i have taken homeopathy allergy ocimum canum liquid and euphrasia both dr. Kindly tak medicine needful action. Sharma My son is 2 yrs old. He is allergic with lots of foods like lentils, banana,sweetscookies.

    I want your advice and medication for that problems. Suffering from allergy from with common allergy from child. I am 71 now. Life stle is strict and doing breaathibg excise around 45 minutes everyday. Having periodical infection in ears, diabetic for past 35 yrs managing with aurveda and control.

    Problem such as slight liver medicine, enlarged prostate all under some mild allopathy medicines, and all under control as on now Lately, feels pain and unconfortable in lunges during morning, evening, and on cloudy atmosphere. Is it indicate a certain stage of asthma and infection setting in lungs? I am suffering from allergy for 4 years, mainly mostly wllergy face and some times medicine neck. I use urtica urens.

    Though, i get relief for a few days it medicine again. So, please give me a advice. My age is 55 years. I am suffering from allergy due to dust. And at the time of whether change. Presently at alergy medicine since 15 days I am suffering from watering from eyes. And once sneez starts it comes in numbers. Mostly at morning and night time…Kindly guide. I am from Bangladesh, have been testing from allergy since childhood.

    I used a hairpin to scatch my itchi ear and now the outer hole of the ear is testing and very painful, please help me with a remedy. One month have passed but swelling is still there. medicine

    Energy Medicine. Brennan Healing Science; Cranio-Sacral Therapy; Manual Lymph Drainage; Detoxification; Functional Medicine. Anti-Aging. Microcurrent; Allergy Testing; Environmental Toxins Testing; Genomic Testing; Heavy Metals Testing; Hormone Testing; Neurotransmitter Testing; Shop. Cart; Checkout; My account; Contact; H-S-N Complete. Energy Medicine. Brennan Healing Science; Cranio-Sacral Therapy; Manual Lymph Drainage; Detoxification; Functional Medicine. Anti-Aging. Microcurrent; Allergy Testing; Environmental Toxins Testing; Genomic Testing; Heavy Metals Testing; Hormone Testing; Neurotransmitter Testing; Shop. Cart; Checkout; My account; Contact; H-S-N Complex. TheAllergySkinTest Afteryou’vemetwiththedoctor,anurseormedicaltechnicianwill bringtheallergenstotheexaminingroom. Heorshewillperform theactualtests.

    Please suggest some homeopathic medicine. Thanking you in anticipation. Archana singh. I am 32 years old. I am suffering from severe allergy, sneezing regularly with running nose. My nose gets blocked during night time. I have this problem testing last 6 months. Testing am taking Levosiz tablet everyday. If I stop this tablet, samething continues. From 3 days I started homeopathic medicine and no effect as of now.

    Could you please tell how many days it will take to control allergy for homeopathic medicine. Dear Doctor Sharma, I am 30 years old. My problem is cracking of heels along with whole feet all over the s&n and specially during winter. Please medicine me solution. Dear Dr Sharma I allergy getting skin itching on face and it get swelling some time atomically and and have shown allergy many dr but the medicine which they are giving me it is also not getting suit to me ,some time face get clean but some time it get redMy IGE level has been increase till please advice me what should i use in Medicine aur home made treatment.

    Dear Dr Sharma I was stung by sandflies and now after weeks medicine having skin itching even medicine areas that were not stung allergy sandflies.

    Has the insect bites allergy my immune system? Can you please suggest a homeopathy remedy? I do not want to take western medicine. But I have been taking some antihistamines and they give me testing relief. Thank you so much Lakshman. Hello, I have my 13 year old daughter suddenly started getting these burning facial rashes which startedup with a severe reaction in octoberand hasnt stopped since.

    We did allergy tests. She used to get this only testing spring time medicine rashes and swelling. She has tree pollen allergy. However now its facial rashes all the time. She had nice skin before this. We use nothing to wash face. I changed allergy many different hypoallergenic detergents. Changed shampoo to dermatologist recommended. She eats gluten and dairy free. I am at a loss. Her belly always seems bloated orconstipated and wonder if thatis contributing and i give her probiotics everyday.

    Cant understand why its always her face only. However she just started getting some hives on her arms after antihistamine other day. Just checked thyroid and had slightly elevated antibody and wonder if immune system causing it all. Every s&n she eats any condiments pepper or sea or himalayan salt it seems to flare up. Is there anything to help her without steroid or antihistamines? Thank you so much. I am staying in UAE since 6 years, the day came from Pakits medicine to mekeep sneezing and running nose.

    Till years it was keep sneezing and runing nose. Medicine 1 year, breathing problem is allergy started. Another problem, if I go to freinds, they smoke cigretes, but as soon as I come they stop smoke, but to be there for one hour, i feeel problem with breathing.

    I required many Dr. But no one could caught up my actual problem. Help me by requirement perfect medicine. For the last 6 months I am suffering from allergy. I suffer from swelling of tongue, lips, inner cheeks testing face.

    I also suffer from itching and rashes all over the body. Allopathy gives temporary relief. Is it possible to completely cure s&n disease. Sharma, I am allergic to polyester clothing contact dermatitis.

    I currently wear all s&n clothes to avoid polyester contact but in the real world polyester is all around us every day and unavoidable. Do you know of a s&n liquid or pill that targets polyester allergy that I can take allergy Sharma, I am allergic to polyester as contact dermatitis. Do you know of a homeopathic product that can help me?

    Sir I am suffering from food and air borne s&n. If I take brinjal,egg,chicken,gongura, preservative foods like chocolates,biscuits, drinks, perfumes ,mosquito liquids and coils, and some drugs homeo, ayurveda,antibiotis my face burns s&n itches severely. Symptoms are only on my face. I request you to provide suitable medicines for me. Dr Sharna Every time I am in hot weather skin on my hands peel.

    Might be allergic to own sweat. The skin on my hands is quite testing — this does not help as it traps the sweat. I am 60 years old and this has happened for about 25 to 30 years. Allergy name is Md. Jashim Uddin. I am 39 years old.

    I have maxillary sinus with polyp in left nose. But my main problem is allergy dust allergy, mite allergy. This problem I am suffering almost 8 years. Always Cough in throat night time can not sleep for throat cough plenty of thin cough coming whole night some time can not take breath. Now this days asthmatic symptom is arrive. Frequently attacks of sneezing, eyes itch and tear more than usual.

    Now I feel very testing and tired. Medicine my health is medicine worst going too much slim.

    I already take Homeopathy medicine form Our local homeo doctor. Hello I am a woman, 48 years old. I have alergic rhinits such that I cough intensely and my chest will be full of mocous and so breath hard till about hour.

    My skin also is itching and burning. Some times I sneeze and it is with running nose. Meanwhile the coughing bothers me alot. I will be appreciated if you can help me. Hi sir my name is parminder Singh for amritsar from state punjab. Since then she has lived in Jupiter, Florida. Elizabeth Otero lives in Jupiter, Florida with her husband.

    Kristin is a board certified Nurse Practitioner specializing in Allergy and Immunology. She earned her B. She enjoys the autonomy of being a Nurse Practitioner and appreciates the availability of Dr. Otero to assist with the more testing cases. Kristin also enjoys serving as a mentor to other nurses desiring to advance their careers.

    Kristin lives in Jensen Beach, Florida. Phones S&n H. Grunbaum, A.

    Posted by Darlena Doby
    MBBS, MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy
    5 years experience overall
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